A detailed blog post about the Best Vinyl Siding in Topeka Kansas to help you get a valuable decor upgrade.

To bring you the most comprehensive and accurate information, we assessed more than 15 businesses that offer vinyl siding services in Topeka, Kansas. Our assessment criteria included factors such as the quality of the vinyl siding, the experience and expertise of the installation team, customer reviews, and pricing.

After careful consideration, we have selected the top 5 businesses that we believe offer the best vinyl siding contractors in Topeka, Kansas to ease your home improvement journey.

Vinyl Siding topeka Kansas
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Five Best Vinyl Siding Services in Topeka:

  • Champion Siding and Windows
  • Martinek & Flynn Siding and Windows
  • Topeka Siding Company
  • Home Exterior Solutions LLC
  • Passow Remodeling Topeka

The Average Prices of Vinyl Siding in Topeka Kansas:

According to the research done by the Promatcher Team, and the data provided by local siding companies, The Average Vinyl siding Cost is between $2-$8 per square foot.

The total costs are estimated at around $4100-$15000 per project, a great deal of which is dependent on the time used to complete the Siding, the material used in the Siding project, and the Area of the Project.

Best Vinyl Siding Contractors- Topeka Kansas:

The contact details and other information about the above-listed Vinyl Companies in Topeka are given below.

1. Champion Siding and Windows:

If you care about made-in-USA stuff, a company with offices all across the US, and 70+ years of experience in the Siding, Roofing, and Windows replacement industry, Champion Siding and Windows is the best choice for you.

We have written a review of the company in a separate post, which can be found here.

2. Martinek & Flynn Siding and Windows:

Martinek & Flynn Siding and Windows is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing professional home renovation and repair services for over 60 years. 

Their long-standing reputation in the home improvement industry is a testament to their quality workmanship and customer service and that’s why we have listed it at the top of our list of Best Vinyl Siding Companies in Topeka.

They are located at 118 SW Roby Pl, Topeka, KS, 66612, and offer a variety of services including siding, windows, doors, awnings, patio covers, and more. 

They are licensed, bonded, and insured and hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company is managed by 4th generation family members who are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to their customers.

Martinek & Flynn Siding and Windows specializes in vinyl siding installation in Topeka, Kansas. They offer a variety of siding options including vinyl siding that is durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient.

You can contact Martinek & Flynn Siding and Windows at (785) 233-6666  or email them at [email protected]. They offer free estimates for their work.

3. Topeka Siding Company:

Topeka Siding Company, a premier siding installation contractor in Topeka, Kansas, is renowned for its comprehensive range of services that cater to all siding needs. With a team of dedicated professionals at the helm, they ensure that your siding looks flawless.

Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their long-standing service to Topeka and the surrounding regions.

Their expertise spans various types of siding installations including Hardie Board siding, vinyl siding, shake & shingle siding, and aluminum siding.

They are the go-to choice for both regular and vertical siding installation in Topeka, KS.

Phone Number: 785-333-1740

4. Home Exterior Solution LLC Topeka:

This siding company in Topeka may not be accredited by BBB.org, but Home Exterior Solutions LLC in Topeka is the only company that has a 5-star rating and reviews from its customers.

Owned by The Colpitts, Home Exterior Solution LLC is located on Minnesota Ave, Topeka, and is known for its expertise, professionalism, and Unbeatable pricing. Some of the core areas of their expertise include roofing, deck decor, siding installation, gutter restoration, and interior decoration.

Visit their official website here to see their latest Vinyl Siding projects or contact them using the phone number given below to get a free estimate:

Phone: +1-785-730-4101

Different Types of Vinyl Siding:

There are many different types of vinyl siding available, each with its own unique style and texture. Here are some of the most common types of vinyl siding:

  1. Clapboard: This is the most popular type of vinyl siding, and it is designed to mimic the look of traditional wood clapboard siding. It consists of long, narrow boards that overlap each other horizontally.
  2. Dutch Lap: This type of vinyl siding is similar to clapboard siding, but it has a beveled edge that creates a shadow line between the boards. This gives it a more distinctive look than clapboard siding.
  3. Beaded Seam: Beaded seam vinyl siding has a rounded bead at the bottom of each board, which creates a subtle shadow line between the boards. This type of siding is often used on older homes or homes with a more traditional style.
  4. Board and Batten: Board and batten vinyl siding consists of wide vertical boards that are separated by narrow strips called battens. This type of siding is often used on homes with a rustic or farmhouse style.
  5. Cedar Shake: Cedar shake vinyl siding is designed to mimic the look of natural cedar shakes. It has a rough texture and irregular shape that gives it a more natural appearance.
  6. Log Vinyl Siding: Log vinyl siding is designed to mimic the look of natural wood logs. It has a textured surface and is often used on homes with a rustic or cabin-style design.
  7. Smooth: Smooth vinyl siding has a flat, smooth surface that gives it a modern appearance. It is often used in contemporary homes or homes with a minimalist design.
  8. Traditional Shake: Traditional shake vinyl siding is designed to mimic the look of natural cedar shakes, but it has a more uniform shape and texture than cedar shake vinyl siding.
  9. Hand-Split Shakes: Hand-split shake vinyl siding is designed to mimic the look of natural cedar shakes that have been split by hand. It has a rough texture and irregular shape that gives it a more natural appearance.
  10. Half-Round: Half-round vinyl siding has a curved shape that gives it a unique appearance. It is often used in homes with a more traditional or Victorian-style design.
  11. Insulated Vinyl Siding: Insulated vinyl siding has an insulating layer that helps to reduce energy costs by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer1