Trying to find a massage salon in Manhattan, Kansas? Here are the 7 best massage services near you in Manhattan, KS. Find all the updates and relevant contact info for booking a Massage in no time.

Massage in Manhattan KS: 7 Best Spas and Salons

Below-listed, You’ll find the 7 best massage salons at a glance, out of more than 20 salons and massage centers to help you get the perfect full-body massage in Manhattan Kansas. We select these businesses and services after checking each one through our 25-point Inspection Checklist so that you can get only the best.

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The list of best massage salons in Manhattan KS includes:

  • Go Spa
  • IVY Massage
  • Hands In Service
  • Massage Manhattan
  • Manhattan Healthworks
  • Star massage
  • KC massage

The Details of each one are given below:

1. IVY Massage, KS

4.6/5, 143 Reviews
Massage Therapists: Alen and Lisa
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Massages Offered at the Spa:
  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish
  • Trigger Point Acupressure
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Foot Massage/Reflexology
  • Therapeutic
Why choose IVY Massages?
  • Best For Swedish Massage with Hotstones
  • Best for Couple Massages
  • Ample Parking space with clean and quiet surroundings.
  • Decently Priced, Affordable.
The Cons:
  • Pay per hour System
  • Mostly accept cash payments.
Contact Info:

Phone: (785) 473-7506

Email: N/A

Facebook: Ivy Massage

Address: 1130 Westport Drive, Manhattan, Kansas 66502, United States

2. Go Spa Manhattan, KS

4.3/5, 41 Reviews
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Why choose this one?
  • Reasonably priced Chinese Massage
  • Best Chair and Table massage
  • Premium Location, Manhattan Downtown
  • The best massage salon in town for migraines and headaches

Massages & Pricing:

Chair Massage (10-30 mins)$10-$30
Table Massage (30-90 mins)$30-$80
Foot Massage(30-60 mins)$30-$55
Contact Info:

Phone: (785) 317-1082

Email: N/A

Facebook: Go Spa

3. Star Massage Manhattan Kansas

4. Manhattan Healthworks

5. KC Massage Manhattan Kansas

6. Hands In Service

4.8/5, 28 Reviews
Massage Therapists: Vickie Postlewait, Samantha Frost
Massages Offered at the Spa:
  • Hands In Service “THERMAL” Treatment 
  • Swedish
  • Therapeutic
Why choose IVY Massages?
  • Recommended by The Manhattan Mercury
  • Very Experienced Therapists
  • Decently Priced, Affordable.
The Cons:
Contact Info:

Phone: 620-655-5040

Email: N/A

Facebook: Hands In Service Massage

Address: 305 Ft. Riley Blvd.
Located in Rock Hill Wellness Center
Manhattan, Kansas 66503

7. Massage Manhattan, Kansas

5/5, 38 Reviews
Why choose this one?
  • The Only Salon with a 5/5 Ratings
  • A Team of 6 Experienced Massage Therapists
  • Very Clean and Relaxing atmosphere
  • More than 12 types of Massages Offered
  • Couple Massages
The Cons:

A bit on the expensive side compared to other salons.

Contact Info:

Phone: 785-775-1900

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Massage Manhattan

Address: 900 Hayes Drive, Suite H
Manhattan KS

Where to Get an Asian Massage in Manhattan, Kansas?

Three Top Rated Salons for Asian Massages in Manhattan KS are Go Spa, Manhattan Massage KS, and KC Massage Salon.

A few things to Keep in Mind while going for a Massage:

So how do you find the perfect massage for you?

Did You know that there are more than 10 different types of Massage offered by spas and salons?

Full-body massages are the most common with other massages such as sports massages, etc. So it’s important to choose the type of massage you want. Understanding your needs will help you choose the right type of massage.

Other things to look into are:

Seek recommendations:

Ask friends, family, or colleagues if they have any recommendations for massage therapists or establishments in Manhattan, Kansas. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights and help you find reputable options.

Check qualifications and licenses:

Ensure that the massage therapists or establishments you are considering are properly licensed and qualified. Massage therapists should have relevant certifications and training from reputable institutions.

Consider the Ambiance

Assess the ambiance and atmosphere of the massage establishment. Do you prefer a spa-like setting or a more clinical environment? Some places may have calming music, aromatherapy, or soothing décor that can enhance your experience.