Remote Online Notarization

The state of Kansas is witnessing a surge in economic growth. The manufacturing segment is showing as much uptick as the other forefront in the form of agriculture. Whenever there is scope for better prospects for businesses, there is a need for paperwork for various tasks like financial records for banks to apply for a small business loan, or leasing a warehouse.

Kansas state mandates the need for notarized documents in most instances. It can be either in person or a remote online notarization but has to be through a registered notary public. 

A notary public in Kansas state is appointed by the Secretary of the State for four years. It should not be mistaken for the insurance company issuing the bond. A notary public can renew their appointment after following a set of rules.

This position and stature act like a trusted witness that authenticates the document and verifies it to be legit. In the process, the ID of the person signing the document is checked and the notary public ensures that the parties involved understand the contents of the document they are signing. It is a step taken further to add a cover of security that is taken seriously in the state. 

Although it may seem like a lengthy process, the cost of compliance equates to peace of mind and there is no price heavy enough for that. Important records like bank documents for loans, investments, title deeds, wills, birth and death certificates, true copies, etc. hold information that is sensitive and trivia to individuals and corporations alike.

Notarizing them ensures that there is clarity and a layer of authenticity that is acceptable in dealing even across borders and remote transactions of businesses become easier.

So, while not every piece of paper needs a notary stamp, Kansas law leans on the side of caution. It’s like saying “Better safe than sorry” when it comes to important documents.

Remote Online Notarization In Kansas

RON or remote online notarization is the name given to the process of carrying out the notarization process from remote locations. It is useful in case one or more parties cannot make it to a physical location for reasons such as ambulatory circumstances where a person is bedridden, inability to travel for other reasons such as work or affordability, etc.

In Kansas state RON is an acceptable mode of notarization provided the notary public is physically present in the state at the time of notary. 

In this process, the residents of Kansas who need notary public service can get in touch with one virtually and complete the process of notarization through video calls. The person has to upload their documents through a secure RON platform and schedule their online appointment.

During the call, the notary public will verify the documents and the person’s ID, and authenticate them through a few process-based questions and audio-visual confirmations.

The notary public person will verify using an electronic signature platform after adding their seal virtually. Your signature will also be mandated through an electronic format. This entire process is safe and secure for all the parties involved. You can use the electronically notarized documents anywhere where the case befits one. 

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Benefits of RON For Kansas

Considering that Kansas state is bubbling with growth in all spheres of economic and financial activities, it is time to take steps to scale up in the area of ease of business in the region.

Compared to other states that have already taken steps to head start their ecosystem for trade and commerce, Kansas has checked a few features and is on the verge of providing other facilities in due course. The ease of remotely conducting their notarization tasks will help a lot of people finish their long pending tasks.

It will even encourage out-of-state investors to complete their paperwork without making endless physical trips physically. When time and money are saved without compromising on security, quality, or efficiency, the way forward for RON is on. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • Paramount Efficiency

When people don’t need to physically visit notaries they save time and resources. They are better equipped to utilize the time saved for activities that will improve their business.

For instance, if a Kansas-based company needs a notary with their client, they can connect virtually and close the deal with the help of RON. This improved version of efficiency will win more investors who are looking for better investments in other regions. 

  • Widen Horizons

Businesses that widen their horizons beyond the geographical regions will tap the markets which are not just virgin, but perhaps never existed before. For many the produce of the Kansas state is new in taste and palette.

A commercial greenhouse farm can sell its produce by contracting with out-of-state consumers. The entire deal can be closed virtually using the facility of RON. Paperwork that leaves no physical paper trail but is accessible for audit is the relevant way to do business with sustainable practices. 

  • Security

RON platforms are secure and have no risk of data leakage. Notarization involves personal information like government ID and financial information. A third party cannot access the information because of the encryptions that are part of the layering of the RON platform.

With tamper-proof seals and multi-layer authentication, RON details are accessible only by people who are authorized to this information. Unless you authorize a person to access this information, it is not available to external parties.

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Businesses will find the availability of RON in a state as a progressive measure. Notary public who don’t want to be left out of the wave should subscribe to a secure and well-reviewed RON platform service provider who can help you install the service and provide basic training to get started.

Many people are not able to move from their homes for various reasons that are not in their control and avoid the notarization of documents. They will find this facility to be a blessing in the state.